Rebtel Affiliate Program

Earn money together with Rebtel

By promoting Rebtel online with a banner or simply a link, you can earn up to $25 for every approved sale you refer. Promoting Rebtel is easy, you will find some tips on this page.

How do I get started?

  1.   Apply to the affiliate network of your choice by clicking on any of the links below
  2.    Place affiliate links and banners from Rebtel on your webpage
  3.   Start actively promoting Rebtel online. The more sales you generate, the higher commission you get each month.

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Tips on how to promote Rebtel

Customer benefits with Rebtel

Prices -  Rates are up to 98% cheaper than those offered by mobile carriers.

Great quality -  Outstanding call quality to all countries.

Easy to use - No PIN codes, No SIM cards, No hidden costs. With a Rebtel, you call from your regular landline/mobile and address book. Rebtel automatically converts all international calls into cheap Rebtel calls.

Additional services for all Rebtel users

First call is free -  Free test call to anywhere in the world.

Calling without WiFi or 3G -  Available between 50 countries.

$10 Bonus -  All users get $10 bonus for every friend that they refer.

More information

Affiliate policies

Make sure you read the Affiliate policies for Rebtel before you start promoting Rebtel.


If you have any kind of questions, please contact our affiliate team: