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Cheapest Calls to Nigeria from a UK Landline

One of the most important things to consider when seeking to call Nigeria from UK landline services, is that you don’t have to pay the high rate direct call costs that these companies will charge to make calls to Nigeria, or indeed any other country.

For example, BT charges its customers who call Nigeria direct from their home landline 82.4p per minute. Virgin is even more expensive, charging a 14.94p connection fee before you say a single word and then charging customers a whopping 158.51p every minute that you talk. So chat for an hour this Christmas with a loved one in Nigeria direct through BT and it will cost you £49.44p for a single call, with Virgin, it will cost you £95.25!


Thankfully now, there are much cheaper options available, you can use a specialist international call service provider, such as the 0844calls service. Here, you must dial a number before you call your friend or family in Nigeria, but this re-routes your call through the cheaper 0844calls service.

You pay a 13.1p connection fee, and just 4.08p per minute, which as you can see offers a considerable saving than using traditional landline calling service.


Yet even the massive saving using services like 0844calls, isn’t the cheapest or most convenient option. While the price saving over traditional methods is massive, the fact that you have to dial in two phone numbers each time you wish to call can be frustrating and time consuming. Fortunately, there is an alternative; a company that offers quality direct dialling services through your landline, at a fabulous low rate of 2.99p per minute; Rebtel!

It is easy to call Nigeria landlines from the UK with Rebtel. All you need to do is set up your Rebtel account online, either using a PC, tablet or smartphone. Register with the company from the website and enter your name, address and the landline number you wish to register with the account. Select a memorable pin number, read the terms of service and then click on the “Sign up now!” button. Congratulations, you’ve just joined Rebtel!

Once you are a Rebtel customer, log into your account and add the numbers of your contacts in Nigeria (indeed, it can be cheaper to add all your contacts from all over the globe, including the UK).

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When you decide to call a contact, on the first call Rebtel will provide you with a local number for this contact. Simply save this number to your landline, note it down or add it to your mobile. You can now call your friend in Nigeria direct from your landline using this number and qualify for the great low Rebtel rates and outstanding call quality!


Best of all, every time you call with Rebtel from your landline or mobile, you receive the lowest possible rate, ensuring you can talk to all your friends, whether they are based in Abuja, Auckland or Accrington!

All you need to do is save each of the new numbers generated for each contact and you’ll always receive the market-leading Rebtel service.

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