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How to call Saudi Arabia from the UK

If you have friends and family in Saudi Arabia and are currently living in the UK, then you will know that keeping in touch with them can be expensive. There are several methods you can use to call a loved one in Saudi Arabia, but which one of them offers the best quality service, at the lowest possible price?

Of course, one option is to use your landline. Simply enter the international code for Saudi Arabia, the area code for the region you are calling and the phone number of the person you are contacting. Admittedly, the call quality may not be the best due to the signal being taken on underwater cables and the cost of the call varies from a few pence per minute to paying a set fee each month, usually around £10, which includes the cost of all international calls. Even so, this is still an expensive option. £10 a month, plus your line rental of means that you can be spending nearly £300 a year on call costs.

Of course you can use a mobile phone, but these costs tend to be even higher than landline costs, indeed the cost of prices for international calls has been subject to scrutiny from the EU due to what is perceived as unfair charges levied against customers by certain telecommunication companies.

Calling cards are also popular but are also one of the most unreliable and expensive ways to call, with hidden costs, such as connection fees eating into your credit meaning that your £10 of call time, actually results in the customer receiving considerably less.

For now, the best and cheapest way to call Saudi Arabia from the UK is using Rebtel, regardless of whether you are using your landline, mobile or even your PC to call your contact. Once you have registered with the Rebtel service you get a five minute free call to the destination of your choice. A great way to test Rebtel’s claim that they not only offer the cheapest call rates, but also the highest quality call service to Saudi Arabia and many other countries.

Once signed up you can then take advantage of Rebtel’s industry leading low call rates of 5.49p a minute from landlines, 7.99p a minute from mobiles. You can even pay a flat fee of £10 a month and receive over three hours of calls from landlines and over two hours from your mobile. SMS services cost from as little as 1.53p per text.

Best of all if you have a PC or iPhone you can persuade your friends in Saudi Arabia to register with Rebtel and contact them for free using the specialised Rebtel iPhone app, meaning you can keep in touch completely free for as long as you want, whenever you want.

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