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Free Calling Without Wifi Using Rebtel

Free calling is readily available when you have access to WiFi; but what about free calls without WiFi? Do you have to be a slave of the local hotspot in order to place free calls? Not any more - with Rebtel, free calling without WiFi is a possibility anywhere, anytime.

Free calling without WiFi from your PC

You can use your internet connection and Rebtel’s PC application to place calls for free without WiFi to anyone else who has the rebtel app. Your contact list will show a “free” notification by the name of each person you can call for free, making it easy to tell who is in the loop and who needs a nudge from you to sign up.

Making free calls without WiFi from your mobile

You can still use your mobile phone to make free calls without WiFi. After adding your phone to Rebtel account, simply add the number you want to call to your Rebtel contact list. If the number is international, a local number will be instantly created and sent to you in an SMS. Just save that number to your phone and label it for that contact.

To make international free calls without WiFi, just call using the local number you got from Rebtel. Tell the answering party to check the number showing up on their phone (it should be a number local to them). Have them hang up and then call you back using that number while you stay on the line. The call will be instantly connected and you won’t be charged as you’ll be using your local minutes or data plan from your phone carrier without additional international charges.

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Make free calls without WiFi from your landline

Rebtel allows you international free calling without WiFi using your landline. The process is similar to the mobile calling; just use your PC to enter the number you wish to call into your Rebtel account, and you’ll receive an email with a local number. Just like you would with your mobile, call the number and have the receiving party call you back using the local number that shows up on their end.

Stop paying outrageous rates to make international calls just because you can’t find a WiFi hotspot. Use Rebtel to call for free without WiFi, anywhere, anytime.

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