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How to make free calls to India from the UK

If you are based in the UK and regularly make calls to India, you’ll be aware that keeping in touch with friends and family can prove to be expensive. Fortunately, the advent of digital and Voice over Internet Protocol technology (VoIP) has meant that forward-thinking communications companies have realised that there is now a way their customers can call India free from UK based landlines and mobiles.

So if you are living in the UK and cash is tight, how can you make free calls to India from mobile, smart and landline-based phones, as well as your tablet PC or laptop? Read on to find out!

VoIP Options

One of the simplest ways to do this is to use a VoIP service. The most well known of these companies are Skype, but there are emerging companies, such as Rebtel, that offer at least an equally reliable service as well generally lower call rates (if you need to pay for a call).

VoIP services are accessed via the Internet using either your smartphone, PC or tablet PC. Assuming that you have a pre-paid 3G or WiFi connection (such as your home broadband), you simply open an account with your chosen VoIP provider and then enter in your contact details.

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Now, to ensure that you receive free calls using this service, it is now vital for your contact to also join the same service as you are on. So, if you decide to join Rebtel, your contact(s) would also need to join Rebtel to via their chosen device. Once you have all done so, you can simply add each other’s usernames to your contact list and you can now chat completely free of charge at the click of a button.

No cost is incurred as the call is made using existing the existing Internet connection.

Using Rebtel Apps for Calling India for Free

Another excellent reason to use a service like Rebtel is the ability to make free calls to India from iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet wherever you are in the UK, even if you do not have immediate access to a laptop or computer.

With just a little preparation and knowhow you can be chatting in no time and one way you can easily make calls to India from UK is by using Rebtel’s new app.

The app, which is available for Android, Android Tablet, iPhone, iPad, Windows and Windows PC is simple and easy to use. Just log onto the Rebtel website and download the correct app for your chosen device.

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, if you have already got a Rebtel account then when you install the app, your native address book shows up within the app. The software is powerful enough to sort all your international contacts into either a “Cheap” tab (for non-Rebtel app using friends to ensure you get the lowest possible call rates when you call them) and a “Free” tab for those contacts that also have installed the Rebtel app!

You can connect your device to the Rebtel service in any way you choose, either using your home Internet connection via WiFi (which will likely incur no additional cost), or using roaming 3G services (which if you have allotted local minutes each month, still means you can call for no additional charge!)

Best of all, whether you are using your Rebtel account direct through your phone or PC, or via the app to call your friends in India, you only need one address book, all your contacts can be accessed from your native address book, ensuring you don’t waste memory on your phone by having duplicate contact lists.

Keeping in touch with loved ones back in India has never been easier or cheaper, particularly for those people in the UK enjoying Rebtel’s low rates and the company’s completely free international communication service between registered Rebtel users.

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