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How to Call Phones From Your Computer for Free

To call a phone from your computer is simple. All you need is an app that works on your PC and which works on the phone you want to call as well. Most Smartphones are set up to easily use apps, and it only takes a minute to sign up.

Rebtel is a great example of an app you can use to make calls from your computer to a phone. All you have to do is sign up for the app on your PC, and get all of your friends and family members to download the app onto their phones. Then you are ready to make calls at your convenience.

Rebtel allows you to easily import your contact lists from Google or Facebook. Anyone who also has Rebtel on their PC or mobile phone will instantly receive a “Free” label by their name and number. You can also add contacts individually.


On your PC, the Rebtel app looks like a mobile phone screen, with a contact list up top and a number pad on the bottom. You can click a contact to call, or enter a phone number using your mouse. Rebtel will automatically tell you the per minute rate if you are dialing an international number.

The Rebtel app is also available for free for Windows Phone, iPad and iPhone, Android tablets and phones, and most other Smartphones. When you use WiFi to make your call, your calls to other Rebtel users are completely free. If the mobile user has 3G, it may deduct from their data plan. With Windows Phones, you don’t even need WiFi or 3G to make calls!

Rebtel also uses your mobile phone’s regular address book, so you don’t have to create a new contact list. In addition, you can send texts to mobile using the Rebtel app on your PC.

Here’s just a few ways being able to call a phone from a computer could come in handy:

- You left your phone at home and need to call your daughter to see if she needs a ride home from school. As long as she has Rebtel on her mobile, you can easily make the call from your PC.

- Your phone is dead and you need to check with your spouse to see if they remembered to pick up dinner on the way home. Simply use your computer to call their phone or send a quick text.

- You need to check in with your son to tell him he forgot his homework - but he used up the last of his data plan for the month. With Rebtel and WiFi, you can make the free phone call from your computer and save the day.

- You can’t find your mobile phone anywhere and don’t have a landline to call it and make it ring. One simple call from computer to phone and its hiding place is revealed!

Turn your computer into an extra phone and starting calling phones from your PC today with Rebtel. It’s convenient, cheap, and could just save the day in a pinch.

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