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Top 3 Android Calling Card Apps

CBS News reported recently that Google have announced that during 2011, that they switched on an average of 700,000 new Android-based devices per day. Android handsets are more than outselling their Apple IOS counterparts by two-to-one. So with more and more users seemingly using Android-based smartphone and tablets, it is important that they make the most out of their purchase by ensuring they get the best deals for their phone calls.

In the past, many users have opted to purchase calling cards from companies that offer a set number of minutes for a flat fee. However, research from telecoms provider Rebtel in August 2010 revealed that many users who used calling cards reported not receiving the amount of call time they had paid for. The average reported loss to a customer being $125 over the course of the year. Fortunately, for those with Android systems, there is an alternative; there are now some excellent, freely downloadable apps available rendering expensive calling cards obsolete. These Android calling card apps allow you make calls globally at a fraction of the cost and listed below are three of the best.

Viber – With 40 million users, Viber allows you to send texts and call anyone in the world. You can call other Viber account holders free of charge on the service. Another attractive aspect of the software is the lack of advertisements when in use. There are some issues at present however with the lack of landscape support for some devices.

Fring – If you have a group of friends that like to have group video chats then Fring is a popular choice. One of Fring’s better features is the fact that the software allows four friends on one screen at any one time and also offers free live text chat to other Fring users, although it has to be noted that some users reported issues with video appearing upside down when in use until a recent patch.

Rebtel – For the best all round provider, Rebtel offer an unbeatable app. Not only do you get free calls and texts between you and every other Rebtel user (the second largest VoIP provider behind Skype) but you also get free local calls by using, very cheap international call rates, top quality connections and a free five minute call as a welcome to start using the service.

So which calling app is best for me?

If you are seeking a large user base, high quality calls, low international calling rates guaranteed and full compatibility with your address book and online contacts, then Rebtel’s app is a great choice. Perhaps a more compelling reason to opt for Rebtel comes from their new Keep Talking function, which allows phone calls transmitted by WiFi or 3G to be rerouted to a different source, without losing the call. This simple function means no more annoying interruptions to important calls while travelling or through a loss of signal.

So far Rebtel are the only company to offer this groundbreaking service and for this reason alone it makes their Android calling card app a cut above the opposition at present.

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