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Top 5 apps for WiFi Calling

Looking for a way to make cheap phone calls form your mobile without running up a hefty bill? Apps for wifi calling provide a great way to save money and make calls from anywhere with a wifi connection - no need for a 3G or 4G network!

Here are some of the best apps around that allow wifi calling on iPhone, Android, and other smartphones.

Ÿ  #5:  KakaoTalk. This fairly new app lets smart-phone users make free calls to contacts who also are using the same service. It doesn't require the user to register or use a nickname, but uses their mobile phone number to identify them. KakaoTalk is available for the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phones, and works on both Wi-Fi and 3G networks. 

Ÿ  #4:  WiCall. This app allows you to use wifi to make VoIP calls with your Android phone or honeycomb tablet. WiCall is also a prepaid mobile wireless telephone service with no plan and no contract, no connection or maintenance fees, and credits that last one year from date of purchase. When you use WiCall, the app bypasses your regular carrier and makes the VOIP call using your wifi internet connection at home, your office, a hotel room or a coffee shop from your mobile device, with no roaming fees.

Ÿ  #3:  Pinger. This Android app lets you implement wifi calling on your phone and use it to call any phone - mobile or landline. With Pinger, you are assigned a special phone number you can use to call or text any phone number in the US or Canada, with no obligation to purchase a calling plan.  People you are calling don't have to have Pinger or a smart-phone - but if they do they can call or text you back from anywhere in the world with a wifi connection. 

Ÿ  #2:  iCall. This app works on many devices including Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and allows wifi calling even if there is no cell signal. Regular calls on your mobile can also be switched to wifi calls, so roaming charges don't start adding up, and you can receive incoming calls even if the app isn't open or running.

Ÿ  #1: Rebtel. This app works on smart-phones and devices including Android, Android based tablets, iPhone, iPad, Windows phones, PCs and even landlines. Most people can start making free WiFi calls using the Rebtel app in less than 30 seconds, and the app is even smart enough to swicth back and forth between 3G and wifi seamlessly depending on which is providing a better connection. Wifi calling has never been easier!

Choose one of these five apps and start using your phone or device for wifi calling anywhere there’s a hotspot. You can lower your phone bill and receive clear call quality without paying high roaming charges. It’s a win-win situation!

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