The International
Calling Guide

Use Wifi Calling Apps To Avoid Paying Sky-High Roaming Fees

Roaming charges while traveling abroad can be the bane of cellular phone users. How can you avoid international roaming charges when you are outside the US without incurring excessive charges for roaming?

First, lets look at the average rates from some major companies for international calls made while roaming:


If you have a data plan with AT&T, you can add a global data add-on package. 140 countries are covered in their $30 per month for 120 MB plan. Every increment of up to 120 MB is billed at an additional $30. For countries outside the 140 included on the plan, costs are $.0195/KB.


If you have a Smartphone with Verizon dta plans, you can either apply for a global plan which will vary depending on which countries you will be visiting, or pay $0.69 - $2.89 per minute depending on what country you are in.


Sprint is even ore expensive for roaming, with rates up to $4.99 and a complex process to get set up for international calling while roaming. In many cases, customers of larger mobile carriers complain that they end up with massive charges and overages due to conflicting data plans and drifting in and out of roaming areas.

Other Steps

In any case, you also have to consider having to change your SIM card or network chip to ensure your phone works in other countries. You may also have to go through a lengthy update process to ensure your data plan will work, and when all is said and done no matter what kind of special deal you get you will still be out considerable money for international roaming calls.

There’s an Alternative!

Many people don’t realize that instead of depending on roaming and data plans for international calling, the data part of your phone can actually be turned off and instead you can make rather inexpensive calls and access the Internet on the WiFi network from nearly anywhere. You just have to make sure the data connection is disabled on your phone!

Disabling Data on iPhone

For most iPhones, you can turn off roaming by following these instructions:

1. Tap the Settings app

2. Tap General

3. Tap Cellular

4. Slide the Data Roaming slider to Off

For iOS 4, you can also turn off ALL cellular data (recommended):

1. Tap the Settings apps

2. Tap General

3. Tap Network

Slide Cellular Data to "Off"

Disabling Data on Android:

To disable and turn off data connection, do the following steps in Android mobile phone:

1. Press the "Home" button to reach the Home screen.

2. Press the "Menu" button

3. Tap "Settings," "Wireless & Networks" and "Mobile Networks."

4. Ensure that the "Data roaming" option is unchecked. If it's checked, remove the check by tapping it.

Now you can simply use WiFi and stop being charged huge data roaming charges!

There are several apps you can use to access WiFi and make clear, cheap calls. Rebtel is one of these apps, and can be used on both iPhone and Android phones.

Rebtel’s application allows free WiFi calls to other Rebtel app users and keeps you from having to pay international roaming charges on other calls, saving you up to 98%. Stop using roaming for international calls, and switch to WiFi calling with Rebtel instead!

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