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What are the best apps for iPhone 3G international calling?

If you own a smartphone and in particular, the iconic Apple iPhone, then you literally have the world at your fingertips. WiFi may have sped up the way we interact with the Internet at home, but it is 3G technology which has taken the web mobile and allowed developers to invent software and apps that take full advantage of this remarkable technology.

Unsurprisingly, 3G technology has made the iPhone one of the most popular choices for people when making international calls. So in this article, we are asking what are the best apps for iPhone 3G international calling?

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We’ve listed the top three below, together with why they make our prestigious list and what special features each app offers that makes it stand out from the best of the rest. All prices shown below in the Example Rates are pence per minute.

3. Vonage

Example Rates (3G):

US Mobile – 2p

Australia Mobile – 10p

India Mobile – 5p

Vonage are a popular VoIP service provider for the iPhone and have an extensive customer base across the US and Europe. Their call quality tends to be good, and their customer services are also excellent in dealing with any queries from users.

The interface to access the app is also simple and easy to use and loading up existing contents from other sources is relatively easy too. Where Vonage do fall down is that they are amongst the more expensive VoIP providers when it comes to 3G international call costs, as the example rates show.

2. Skype

Example Rates (3G):

US Mobile – 1.4p

Australia Mobile – 11.8p

India Mobile – 5.4p

The news that Skype is taking over from Microsoft Messenger will mean an influx of new people trying out their iPhone app. Skype are the biggest VoIP provider in the world and their service is based on a simple, easy to follow interface that allows the user to load up their contacts quickly and connect to them via text, audio or video (or a combination of the three).

Skype’s biggest selling point is their vast user base (250 million and that is sure to grow when MSN Messenger becomes obsolete in March) and the video chat options. Call costs are inexpensive compared to traditional landline and mobile providers, but are not as cheap as some other VoIP companies.

1. Rebtel

Example Rates (3G):

US Mobile – 0.99p

Australia Mobile – 4.9p

India Mobile – 0.8p

Rebtel are the second biggest VoIP provider in the world and it is easy to see why they have a strong following. They have consistently the lowest prices for international calls, as well as a wide number of options to call contacts for free. Rebtel also score well on excellent customer service and also the quality of their connections and calls, which means clearer calls and fewer dropouts.

In terms of 3G however, Rebtel really score with their roaming technology which can switch your call between WiFi and 3G networks, depending on the signals available. This feature, which means you can continue a call made initially on WiFi, moving onto 3G when the signal is lost, is a simple but brilliant way to keep customers conversation flowing, without annoying signal drop out interruptions.

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By looking at this trio of popular VoIP providers, it is clear to see that there is a large discrepancy in the pricing, even in the low-cost international call market, yet the service provided by the three companies is, in general terms, very similar. As such, for a person seeking to find the best apps for their iPhone when it comes to making 3G international calls, there is a lot to consider including features, reliability, quality of service, call quality and of course, the price.

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