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3 Ways to Send an International Text Message

Sending international text messages can incur big texting fees if you aren’t careful. If you want to send an international text message without seeing your text charges increase astronomically, there are ways you can stay in touch with friends and family in other countries without emptying your bank account.

Send Text Messages Internationally From Your iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you can send an international text message using a variety of apps. Some assign special text only phone numbers to each of your contacts; others are more of a chat service that can eat up your data plan. If the person you are calling has n iPhone as well, you can use the iMessage system to send texts for free between phones no matter where you are - it just uses your data plan!

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Rebtel 2.0 is the best way to send international text messages on your iPhone as it simply creates a local number to route texts through, lowering the costs of the international portion of the SMS to 2.5 to 5./5 cents. An international text sent using Rebtel can cost as little as 10 cents total, since the local text amount is simply deducted from your text plan with your local carrier.

Sending International Texts Using Other Mobile Devices

WiFi options abound for Windows Phone and Android users, but they can eat your data plan as again they are nothing more than glorified chat services. Google and Skype do the same thing, eating your data minutes whenever you send an international SMS.

Rebtel makes it easy to send international texts from anywhere on almost any device. Just enter your phone number with Rebtel, then the numbers of your friends and family. Rebtel will create local numbers for each one, so you can shoot them an SMS without paying huge international rates.

Send an International Text Message Online

If you spend a lot of time in front of your computer and prefer to send text messages online instead of from your phone, online SMS is a great deal. Services like SendSMSNow allow you to arrange your contacts and send individual SMS for free - although extra features (such as group texting) require a paid upgrade.

Rebtel Web SMS is another option. Log into your Rebtel account, select Web SMS, then type the name of a Rebtel contact or enter an international number. Then you can simply type your text message and click send. If you include a Collect reply link, your friend can simply reply from a mobile web page for free (although they may have to pay data charges to their carrier). Since Rebtel Web SMS is online texting, you only pay the super low Rebtel international SMS rates and nothing to your regular carrier.

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