The International
Calling Guide

How to Choose the Most Reliable International Calling Card

An international calling card provides an easy way to set limits on your spending when making numerous international calls, and also lets you call from just about anywhere you have access to a phone. However, there are a lot of scammy cards out there, and finding a reliable international calling cards can be a challenge.  Read more>

Say “NO!” to iPhone Roaming Charges!

When traveling, high roaming iPhone charges can run bills up into hundreds or thousands of dollars over your regular plan. How can you avoid these charges and keep your phone on during travel? Simple - just make sure you aren’t getting charged ridiculous overages for using data. Read more>

The Evolution of Mobile Communications

While some say the earliest “wireless phone” patent was filed by Nathan B. Stubblefield in 1908, the Kentuckian’s vision was really for a cave radio. The first true mobile phone devices were the size of a large briefcase and weighed up to 80 lbs, making them suitable only for in vehicle use, and the first wireless networks were set up to handle just a few callers at any given time, servicing only large cities and highways by the mid forties. Read more>

5 Governments to “Thank” for Sky-High Calling Rates

A lot of countries with specific government models have extremely high taxes and other kinds of fees when it comes to termination of calls into the country, due to the government holding a monopoly on telecommunications or only allowing “approved operators“ to provide service (generally with money also going into the government coffers.) Read more>

Best Apps For Making Free Calls From PC To Mobile

Mobile phone charges can pile up quickly, and before you know it you’ve reached your monthly limit and can’t make calls or send texts. That’s OK - you can use your computer to make free calls from PC to mobile and stay in touch with friends and family while waiting for your phone to reload for the month! Read more>