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Best Apps For Making Free Calls From PC To Mobile

Mobile phone charges can pile up quickly, and before you know it you’ve reached your monthly limit and can’t make calls or send texts. That’s OK - you can use your computer to make free calls from PC to mobile and stay in touch with friends and family while waiting for your phone to reload for the month!

There are many different PC to mobile calling apps and online services that allow you to make free calls from PC to mobile phones. Here are some of the very best!


Skype was one of the very first VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services to hit the market. Skype allows users to make calls anywhere in the world, using their PC to call landlines, mobiles, and other PCs. When both users have Skype installed, the calls can even be free for domestic calling. Skype does recommend an expensive headset to use the PC to mobile service , but many people have found that simple headphones and a microphone will work.


On a level with Skype, Rebtel offers free calls from PC to mobile with their amazingly easy to use app that can be set up on PC, Android phones, iPhones, iPad, and more. Rebtel runs smoothly without hogging memory, and allows free calls to other Rebtel users as well as extremely cheap international calls to mobiles and landlines across the globe. You can use a headset with Rebtel, or the cheap workaround of your PC speakers plus a microphone.


This is a service that allows free calls from PC to mobile for Nimbuzz users and cheap calls if the other party does not have Nimbuzz. You just install Nimbuzz and then create a Nimbuzz account. For this app, it’s recommended that you have high speed internet, a microphone and headphones.

Google Talk and Talkster

Google came out with their own chat application that works right out of Gmail, and then they upgraded it to a calling service that turns your PC into a phone. Together with the Talkster app, G-Talk allows free calls from PC to mobile and cheap calls to a select number of other countries.

These and other apps make PC to mobile calling quick, cheap and easy. Making calls shouldn’t be expensive in this day and age, and if you are sitting at your PC anyway, why not use a calling app to make your calls for free?

Check out each of these applications and figure out which one works best for you. Some, like Skype, are great for business use, with paid features that allow conference calling and video chat; while others, like Rebtel, are terrific for the ordinary user who just wants to make free calls from PC to mobile and quit racking up expensive carrier charges!

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