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International Collect Calls - How It Works?

If you have friends and family abroad, you might consider saving them money by having them use international collect calls. An international collect call allows a loved one to reach you at any time without having to foot the bill. This gives them the opportunity to share important news (or just to hear your voice) at the comparatively lower cost of placing a local call to an operator.

How International Collect Calls Work

While some countries now have several different ways to place a collect call, using an operator is still considered the most reliable route in most areas. A person wishing to place an international collect call may have to do the following in order to get their call to go through.

- First, you must dial an international operator in your country. If you're not sure of the code, either find it in the phone book, online, or ask the party you are calling.

- When you get in touch with the operator, tell them the country of residence, the whole name and the phone number of the party you are trying to reach.

- The operator will then put you on hold while they reach the other party and explain all rates and charges.

- The operator will return and let you know whether the other party accepted the call, declined the call or was not reachable.

- If the call was accepted, then you can begin to have your phone conversation. You might want to make it quick, however – international collect call rates are known to be exceptionally high for the person accepting the charges!

How to Use Rebtel for International Collect Calls

If both you and your loved ones live in Rebtel countries, then you have another option besides making a traditional collect call. After signing up to be a Rebtel user, all you need to do is add a number to your contact list, and Rebtel will assign that contact a local number they can use to call you. Click the name in your contact list, and you'll see detailed instructions on how to make international collect calls. It's as simple as that – your loved one is now set up to be able to collect call you. Give the local number to your friend or family member, and they'll be able to call you collect anytime without the hassle of going through an operator.

Benefits of Using Rebtel for International Collect Calls

Rebtel's international collect call service is an easy way to save both you and your loved ones money when calling abroad. Pay only a fraction of typical international call rates by using Rebtel's international collect calls to your advantage.

- Get the best rates by using Rebtel technology to save as much as possible when calling between two countries. In fact, it might be much cheaper for them to call you than for you to call them! For example, instead of paying 16 cents a minute on a direct dial call from a U.S. cell phone to Australia, if you have your Australian friend call you collect, you could only pay 1.5 cents per minute - while your friend just pays for a local call to Rebtel.

- Your loved ones can enjoy the call quality and reliability of the Rebtel service locally when they use international collect calls to keep in touch with you.

- If your contact has local calling included in their phone plan, then they can use Rebtel international collect calls option for free!

Keeping in touch with international family and friends doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Use Rebtel international collect calls to save yourself and your loved ones money, while enjoying all the quality and convenience Rebtel has to offer.

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