Excluded Numbers

Some numbers are excluded from our Deals due to the high per minute cost. These are usually premium, satellite or numbers whose rates are higher than the average rate to other numbers in the same country.

Important: If you call an excluded number, the cost of your call will be deducted from your Rebtel Credit according to the current “pay as you go” minute rate. If you don’t have sufficient Rebtel Credit to make the call, your call will not be connected.

For your reference, here are some examples of excluded numbers:

United Kingdom:
Premium and special rate numbers (usually start with 09xx, 08xx)

Yukon & NW territories (usually start with 867)

United States:
Hawaii (usually start with 808)
Alaska (usually start with 907)

Spacemod Satelite (usually start with 2372258)

Mobile Other (usually start with 38649)

Paltel and Paltel Mobile