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How do phone cards stack up against Rebtel's Cheap Calls?

Have you ever been longing to speak to your family when you're abroad? We have.

Have you ever bought one of those generic prepaid phone cards only to realize that you didn't even get half the minutes they said you would?

We've done that too. And it's not fun. Thankfully, there are other options than calling cards out there. Rebtel is kind of like a phone card, but we exist on the internet instead of on plastic cards.

When using traditional phone cards, you're faced with the painful task of punching in a new PIN number each and every time you want to make an international call.

When you make the switch from using international phone cards to Rebtel, you won't have to worry about PINs ever again. Instead, we simply use your phone number to identify you. On our website, you can easily find an Access Number closest to your current location. We currently offer Access Numbers in more than 50 countries and 80+ cities across the U.S.

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Fully transparent rates
No weekly fee
No hang-up fee
No need for a PIN code
No need for physical card
iPhone and Android apps
Works on any phone

And there's more. Rebtel offers you other calling options as well as mobile apps for Android and iPhone. You can log in to your Rebtel account at any time to see your full call history where you can keep track of your spendings.

To make it easier for you to see the benefits of using Rebtel instead of an international phone card, we created a side-by-side comparison with all the things we do, but phone cards don't.

Popular calling destinations

Many of our customers switched from prepaid calling cards to Rebtel and are very satisfied with their choice! Check out the most popular calling destinations:

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