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Find out how your friends and family can make Collect Calls to reach you internationally, with Rebtel's great rates and excellent quality.

International Collect Calls

Do your friends and family also live in a Rebtel country? Be a hero and help them reduce their international calling costs – ask them to call you Collect through Rebtel! They don't even have to be a Rebtel user to be able to take advantage of our amazing rates and quality. A Collect Call works just like a regular Direct Dial call, the only difference is that you cover the international charge for the call, while your contact pays only for a local call to the Rebtel number. If local calling is included in their phone plan, they pay absolutely nothing for the international call, while you pay the very cheap per-minute Rebtel rate to your country.

It doesn't matter if your loved ones have a smartphone, landline, mobile or cell, they can still make super cheap Collect Calls to you at any time. It's incredibly convenient and easy to use – your contacts don't have to sit and wait for your call if they have big news or just want to chat, they can call you whenever, wherever, without having to pay an arm and a leg! They can take advantage of the same incredible Rebtel quality and reliability, at a fraction of typical international calling costs. No subscription needed, no hidden charges and no connection fees!

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How does Rebtel's International Collect calling work?

After signing up, simply add the number for the friend you want to call on your Rebtel contact list. If your contact is located in a Rebtel country, we'll instantly assign a local Rebtel number for them to use when calling you! You can find the Rebtel number, as well as detailed instructions on how to make Collect Calls, by clicking on your contact's name in the contact list and then clicking the link labeled "Find out how". You can then drop them an email, or call them, and let them know they can call you at any time by dialing the local Rebtel number!

Collect Calls at a fraction of typical international rates

A great way to save money on your calls is to compare the Rebtel rate for calls to your contact's country and the rate for calls to your country, as it's possible that it's much cheaper for them to call you through Rebtel than for you to call them. For example, if you're in the US calling your best friend in the UK, you may pay up to 14.9 cents/minute USD for a Rebtel Direct Dial call. If your friend makes a Collect Call through Rebtel instead, you're charged only the 1.5 cents/minute USD rate to the US, while your friend pays for their local call!

  • Truly convenient Collect Calls for your friends and family
  • Great Rebtel quality and reliability
  • Amazing low cost international Collect Calls