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France country Code: 33

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France country code & France dialing codes

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Using the list of France phone codes below, allows you to stay in touch. Just dial the exit code, country code, France dialling code shown below and your friends number!

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Alsace368, 369
Aquitaine524, 533, 540, 547
Auvergne443, 463
Basse Normandie214, 250
Bourgogne345, 358, 371
Bretagne222, 256, 290
Centre218, 234, 236
Franche Comt363, 370
Haute Normandie276, 277, 278
Ile de France170, 172, 173, 174, 175, 176, 177, 178, 179, 180
Languedoc Roussillon430, 434
Limousin519, 587
Lorraine354, 355, 357
Northeast France2, 3
Paris region1
Pays de la Loire244, 249, 253, 272
Picardie360, 364
Poitou Charente516, 517
Provence413, 486, 488
Southeast France and Corsica4
Southwest France5

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