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Rebtel Credit

Mobile 21.9 ¢/min
Landline 17.9 ¢/min

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Price $5
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Mobile & Landline 19.8 ¢/min
50 minutes valid for 30 days to Ethiopia
Price $9.90
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Mobile & Landline 18.9 ¢/min
100 minutes valid for 7 days to Ethiopia
Price $18.90
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  • Perfect for the frequent caller
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Rebtel Credit Rate List

These are the rates for calling different services in your country when using Rebtel Credit. Note that a flat rate applies when using either a Big or Max Saver Deal.

Service Price* $5 gets you
Addis Ababa17.9¢ /min28 minutes
Other Mobile21.9¢ /min23 minutes
Other landline17.9¢ /min28 minutes
Addis Ababa Mobile21.9¢ /min23 minutes
SMS 2.0¢ /sms 250 sms:s

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*VAT applies to EU residents. No connection fees. One minute rounding. Premium and special rate numbers not included.

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