Free International Calls

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Would you like to make free calls from your smartphone or PC? With Rebtel, you can talk as much as you like with anyone, anywhere in the world, using either your WiFi/3G connection or your local minutes. It's super easy to get started since you can call your friend's normal phone numbers just like you are used to. Download an app and try it today – It's Free!

Make a free international call with Rebtel

Find out how to make free international calls using nothing but your regular phone

Rebtel offers a unique free calling service that can be used from any phone. It doesn’t matter if you have a smartphone, landline or feature phone, you can still make free calls!

Free international calls from your iPhone, Android or Windows PC

The brand new version 2.0 Rebtel apps have made free calls easier than ever! When you call from your iPhone or Android using the new versions of our Rebtel for iPhone  or Rebtel for Android apps, we let you know which friends have also got the app, so you’ll see a “Free” logo next to those contacts. The calls you make to these contacts are entirely free if you call them using a WiFi or 3G connection*. In our 50+ supported countries, you can also connect your free calls using your local minutes*.

This means that it’s a great idea to suggest that your friends also pick up the newest version of our iPhone app, Android app or our new Rebtel for PC app – you can then call each other for free through WiFi or your regular internet connection if you use your PC, regardless of where in the world you are!

  Free calls to other Rebtel users Trust pilot
  Call for free using your WiFi / 3G connection
  Call for free using your local minutes

*Your operator might charge for your data connection or the local minutes. If you have local minutes and/or unlimited data included in your plan you can make free Rebtel calls without any additional costs.