Send Text Messages Internationally

– Online or from your Regular Phone

From mobile phone (US users only)

Do you live in the USA and want to text from your phone? Start using Rebtel SMS to save up to 65% on your international texts! After signing up, add the number of your friend that you want to message. We instantly create a local number for you to use instead and send it to your phone in an SMS. To make it easily accessible in the future, you can save it to your address book.

Sending an international text with Rebtel is just like sending any SMS. The only difference is that you send it to a cheap local number instead of an expensive international number. By giving you local numbers to SMS your friends, you can also start saving on your international texting, just like your friends with fancy smartphones. No internet connections or downloads are needed!

If you have a number of text messages included in your monthly carrier plan, messages sent to local Rebtel numbers are deducted from those. If not, you pay for the local message to your carrier. The international part of the text is charged at our cheap per-message rate to Rebtel.

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Online texting from your computer

Do you spend a lot of time in front of your computer and prefer to send text messages online rather than from your phone? If so, Rebtel Web SMS is for you! Just sign up or log into your account, click Web SMS, type the name of a Rebtel contact or enter an international number, start writing your text message and click send.

If you want to continue the conversation, you can let your friend write you back for free by paying for their reply message. Include a Collect reply link and they will be able to reply from a mobile web page (your friend may have to pay data charges to their carrier).

Web SMS from Rebtel is online texting, meaning that you only pay the super low Rebtel international SMS rates and nothing to your regular carrier.

SMS from your Android, Windows Phone or iPhone

If you’re a smartphone user, our mobile apps are sure to satisfy all your texting needs whenever you're on-the-go. We have apps available for the Android, iPhone and Windows Phone, giving you access to the full Rebtel experience, including our super cheap international texting. When you have the app on your phone, sign up for a Rebtel account, tap on the SMS tab and start saving.

Just like on the web when using Web SMS, you can choose if you want include a Collect Reply link in your message, giving your friend the option of replying to your text on your treat, using a mobile web page.

To get started, simply download the app from either the App Store or Google Play. International SMS messages sent using our apps are online texts, meaning that you only pay the super low Rebtel SMS rates and nothing to your regular carrier.