PC to Phone Calls

Make international calls from your PC using Rebtel’s PC application to cut costs and make the cheapest PC to phone calls possible

Do you want to make phone calls straight from your computer? Tired of paying Skype's expensive connection fees? Check out Rebtel's PC to Phone calls! This great innovative service can save you loads on you international calls, by routing your call over the internet instead.

What are PC to Phones Calls?

The PC call client is a new service from Rebtel. When you make a PC to Phone call, you can call your Rebtel contacts for free anywhere in the world using our new PC application! As long as you have access to an internet connection, you can make both Free Calls and cheap international calls with Rebtel. Travelling while on a business trip and hate paying huge roaming fees? No problem! Just plug in your headset and set up the Rebtel PC application to start calling at a fraction of the rate charged by your usual phone operator. It's that simple!

Get started using Rebtel's PC to Phone calling today!

Setting up your account for PC calling is incredibly quick and easy. Download the PC client, install it in seconds and log in using your primary phone number and your PIN. Your Rebtel contact list will be pre-loaded in the client, and you can also import your Google and Facebook contact lists!

Your PC to Phone calls will be connected automatically through the Rebtel client. You can also make PC to Mobile calls and PC to Landline calls all for a fraction of the usual cost.

Other Rebtel services

Making Free Calls to other Rebtel app users

Best of all, any friend who is currently running a version 2.0 Rebtel app (for iPhone or PC) on your contact list will be flagged with a “Free” icon. When you call these friends, the call is automatically set up to be entirely free of ANY Rebtel charge. There’s never been a better time to tell friends about Rebtel and never pay for another call again! No matter where they are in the world, you can send your friend the download link and get them started saving loads of money on their international calls.

Manage your account, invite friends, make payments, all from within the app!

Using the Rebtel PC client doesn’t just mean you can make free or cheap PC to Phone calls! You can access all your account settings, send super cheap Rebtel SMS, set up payments or send Rebtel invites to your friends, all with just a couple of clicks in the client. It’s super easy to quickly access any part of your account without ever needing to check our website again!

How you can save money with PC to Phone cheap calls

If you’re making a cheap PC to Phone international call, you pay only the usual small per-minute rate for a call through Rebtel and you don't need to pay anything to your carrier! If you're travelling, you save on the usual sky-high roaming fees charged to you by your phone operator, simply by calling from your computer instead!

  • Quick and easy one-click calling through your PC, without any connection fees!
  • Call from your PC to mobiles, landlines and other PCs
  • It's so simple to get started – All you need is the app and your Rebtel account

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