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- Call abroad at some of the world's lowest rates
- Call using WiFi, 3G or local numbers
- Free calls and text to other Rebtel users

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  • Call abroad at some of the world's lowest rates
  • Free calls and text to other Rebtel users
  • Call using WiFi, 3G or local numbers
  • Works on any phone
  • No dropped calls or bad connections
  • Syncs with your address book

Call home for less

Going abroad as an exchange student can be the chance of a lifetime but you still want to keep in touch with your loved ones back home. Save money on international calls with Rebtel's super cheap rates. Why not get your friends to download Rebtel and call and text each other for free!

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Use any phone

Rebtel works on any phone, whether you have a smartphone or a landline. Got an iPhone or Android? Download our free app and you can sync your address book, call using wifi / 3G or local numbers and call and text other Rebtel users for free.

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Great voice quality

Rebtel is all about great voice quality at an unmatched price. Most people come to Rebtel after having tried other services that just don't deliver! Try Rebtel now and get started in just 30 seconds!

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This app is so easy to use, it syncs with your phone (for people using it on their iPads like me) so all your calls and numbers are available. LOVE IT!

Labaratine, Twitter

50% cheaper than Skype!! Definitely the best voice quality for international calling on 3G and Wifi out there right now. Better quality than Viber!

Withnail & I, App Store

I'll spend a minute on this because Rebtel simply rocks. I warmly recommend this service. Fair price and great quality always.

Roybinson, Trustpilot