Borders are so last century.

Today more than 215 million people live outside the country where they were born. And that's just first generation. When you add the children of immigrants - citizens of one nation but still firmly rooted in another - we become a community of over 2 billion.

Some identify as multinational. Some are "expats". Others refugees.

But we don't care what someone else calls you on paper. We care what you think.

Beyond Borders is an online magazine for all those who identify with the reality of a life beyond arbitrary lines drawn on a map - and all the struggles that come with it.

Global migration is our 21st-century reality. While some would close themselves off and bury their heads in the sand, we believe in breaking down borders and building relationships - making the world a more open place.

If you do, too, then make your voice heard. Welcome to our community!

Beyond Borders is made possible by Rebtel, a global tech company serving the 2 billion “internationals” of the world.
Rebtel believes in tearing down both the cultural borders that keep people divided and the geographical borders that complicate international communication. This mission began with international calling, but it doesn’t stop there. This is only the beginning.

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