Free International Calls

Unlimited free calls to any Rebtel user and free credit to call anyone

Free international calls to Rebtel App users

Rebel Calling uses groundbreaking technology to give you free international calls without depending on data or Wi-Fi. Unlike traditional internet calling apps, Rebel Calling connects free international calls via local landlines, so you can enjoy the same great quality as a local call without using up your data plan.

Getting started is easy. Just download the app on the App Store or Google Play, find a friend who uses Rebtel and start making free international calls. Rebel Calling is a free app-to-app service. There are no contracts or hidden fees of any kind. Just free international calling with the best possible quality.

What if my friend doesn’t have the Rebtel app?

If your friend doesn’t have the Rebtel app or live in in one of the 50 Rebel Calling countries, you can still get premium-quality international calls at the best rates on the market. We’ll even give you a free 3-minute international call to test us out.

Traditional free international calling apps depend on data or Wi-Fi to place a call. When your connection is poor, your call quality suffers. Rebtel piggybacks off of local phone lines, so you always get the the best-quality international calls without having to worry about Wi-Fi or data. Try a free 3-minute international call and see for yourself. No strings attached.

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If you have a smartphone, you can also download our iPhone and Android apps to call cheap to your loved ones.