Unlimited Subscriptions



  • Your unlimited subscription is valid for:

30 days from the time of purchase. After 30 days, your unlimited plan will be removed from your account.


  • For new users only:

Your first week is for free. After the 7 days free trial, the subscription will be renewed. You can cancel the auto subscription anytime from your app or web.


  • How it works:

Every time you buy your “Unlimited Subscription” the auto subscription will be automatically enabled and it will be renewed every 30 days. You can cancel the auto subscription anytime.


  • Keep in mind:

The Unlimited subscription are non-transferrable and non-refundable. Premium, special, service- and non-geographical numbers are excluded. Rebtel reserves the right to block any numbers that are misused. You can call up to 30 unique numbers each month.  


  • VAT:

VAT will be charged based on the European Union country from which you are using the service.


  • Free trial limitations:

Free trials will not warranty any bonus. This means that if you sign up through a referral link, paid the intro deal or you got bonus from another promotion you can not benefit from this **free** limited trial and vice-versa.