Best way to call India

Decently priced calling plans to India can be hard to find. There are so many choices, and the rates and pricing can be so confusing! If you need to call India on a regular basis, however, you really do need to have a solid plan for how to afford it without breaking the bank. Read more

What’s up With BBM for Android and iPhone?

At first, the new BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for Android and iPhone was supposed to launch at the start of summer… then it moved to mid-summer… and then it is promised to be here by “the end of summer”. Now it is pinkie-promised for the end of September at the very latest. Or so we hope.  Read more

Say “NO!” to iPhone Roaming Charges!

We’ve all heard the stories, with many of us falling for the tacit tricks of the modern day smartphone… those pesky data roaming charges!  Yes, it’s the bane of the modern day traveler, with phone bills potentially running into astronomical figures.  Fortunately the smartphone community is very much aware of the process needed to protect against these data roaming costs. So make sure you’re armed with the necessary knowledge before going abroad and avoid those ridiculous overages for data use.

International iPhone Roaming Plans

One way to drop costs is to have an international data plan for roaming.  For example, major US carriers now offer internet roaming while abroad for a specific added fee.  It’s important to note though that this should be arranged in advance and also, what you get (in terms of package size) is really not great value for money and would simply support the sending of simple text messages rather than video streaming or large file exchange. Besides, with Wi-Fi readily available across the world, it seems like an unnecessary expense for many.

Disabling Data for Roaming iPhone

Turning off your Data Roaming is a vital part of modern day travel.  Without this little pearl of wisdom, you are essentially saying yes to extortionate costs while abroad.  Check out some instructions on what to do, just in case you aren’t sure. 

WiFi Finder Apps

Now that you’ve disabled the ability to use your data plan on your iPhone, you need to find a free Wi-Fi network.  Fortunately Wi-Fi is readily available all over the world, so this is seldom a problem particularly in built up areas.

Otherwise, Apps like Ji-Wire Wi-Fi finder can help you locate the nearest hotspot to your current location. There are plenty of similar apps around, most of which work offline so you can use them without an internet connection.  Just make sure you download them before you go abroad so you don’t get stuck!

WiFi Calling and Texting Apps for iPhone

Once you are using Wi-Fi, an app is what you need to make calls and text your friends! Check out some of the best apps for making international calls in order to stay in touch, all the while avoiding those extortionate costs that come with data roaming while abroad.

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Best way to call Cuba from the US

Calling Cuba seems to be expensive no matter what phone you have or what carrier you use. Comparing rates and calling options can take a long time and feel really confusing! To make things easier, here’s a breakdown of what you can expect if you are looking for a Calling plan to Cuba that won’t leave you broke every month!  Read more


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