Why Calls to Cuba are so Expensive

Making calls to Cuba can be extremely frustrating for those with family members there. Since the Cuban government controls telecommunications, all international calls which terminate in Cuba are subject to a very high tax. This makes calls to Cuba from the US nearly ten times as expensive as calls to the rest of the world! Read more

How to use Rebtel from a landline

Using your landline to keep in touch with your loved ones abroad can be expensive at times. The expensive costs incurred by using regular telecoms service providers’ cables or expensive international calling cards means more and more people are turning to providers like Rebtel to reduce their landline bill. Starting to use the Rebtel service from your landline could not be easier, simply follow the steps below. Read more

How to call Saudi Arabia from the UK

If you have friends and family in Saudi Arabia and are currently living in the UK, then you will know that keeping in touch with them can be expensive. There are several methods you can use to call a loved one in Saudi Arabia, but which one of them offers the best quality service, at the lowest possible price? Read more


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