How to Call Africa from the USA

If you routinely call Africa from the USA, you may be getting hit with huge bills form your phone carrier. There may be a better way to save if you switch to a calling plan or app that provides cheaper rates and better call quality. Read more

Getting the lowest possible International Call rates from your O2 device

If you are relatively new to the world of O2 international calls, then you can be rather surprised at how quickly call costs to different countries can mount up, unless you have chosen the correct extras to add to your current tariff. Without these extras, call prices can mount up considerably in a very short space of time, meaning even the shortest conversation with friends abroad, proves costly. Read more

Are WalMart Phone Cards Really that Cheap?

If you need a cheap way to stay in touch with friends and family, a WalMart phone card may seem like the easy, cost efficient choice at first glance. However, WalMart calling cards may not be the best option if you use them frequently, and here’s why. Read more

Apps v Sim Cards for International Calls?

If you regularly make international calls then you will know the importance of finding the cheapest, yet the most reliable and easiest to use method of doing so possible. It is very easy to be bamboozled by headlines proclaiming that this SIM card for international calls is the cheapest, or that this new app offers a far better rate per call than even the best international calling SIM cards? Read more


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