International calling apps & services in the US

If you do a lot of international calling, chances are you need to shop around a little to find the best possible international calling options in your area. You can choose from several basic options. Read more

How to Use a Calling Card on a Cell Phone

Using calling cards for cell phones is one way to cut down on high international calling rates. However, it's important to know a few things about calling cards before choosing them as your option for making calls. Read more

Cheapest Way to Call Haiti from the USA

If you regularly call Haiti from the USA, you are probably feeling the pain in your pocketbook. Most calls terminating in Haiti are subject to the country’s extremely high termination fees and taxes which make each call significantly more expensive than in countries with free market economies. Read more

Best Apps for Making International Calls

Apps for making international calls abound for iPhone, Android and Windows phones. These apps can save users a lot of money over traditional carrier charges for international dialing, and can be used over wi-fi in many cases reducing drain on data plans. Read more

Calling Internationally From a Cell Phone

When calling international from a cell phone, you should always be aware of what service you are using and how much money each minute on the call is costing you. You might find that using an app instead of a calling card or carrier calling plan can save you a significant amount on international calls from a cell phone! Read more

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