How to choose the best calling card

An international calling card provides an easy way to set limits on your spending when making numerous international calls, and also lets you call from just about anywhere you have access to a phone. However, there are a lot of scammy cards out there, and finding a reliable international calling cards can be a challenge.  Read more

Say “NO!” to iPhone Roaming Charges!

We’ve all heard the stories, with many of us falling for the tacit tricks of the modern day smartphone… those pesky data roaming charges!  Yes, it’s the bane of the modern day traveler, with phone bills potentially running into astronomical figures.  Fortunately the smartphone community is very much aware of the process needed to protect against these data roaming costs. So make sure you’re armed with the necessary knowledge before going abroad and avoid those ridiculous overages for data use.

International iPhone Roaming Plans

One way to drop costs is to have an international data plan for roaming.  For example, major US carriers now offer internet roaming while abroad for a specific added fee.  It’s important to note though that this should be arranged in advance and also, what you get (in terms of package size) is really not great value for money and would simply support the sending of simple text messages rather than video streaming or large file exchange. Besides, with Wi-Fi readily available across the world, it seems like an unnecessary expense for many.

Disabling Data for Roaming iPhone

Turning off your Data Roaming is a vital part of modern day travel.  Without this little pearl of wisdom, you are essentially saying yes to extortionate costs while abroad.  Check out some instructions on what to do, just in case you aren’t sure. 

WiFi Finder Apps

Now that you’ve disabled the ability to use your data plan on your iPhone, you need to find a free Wi-Fi network.  Fortunately Wi-Fi is readily available all over the world, so this is seldom a problem particularly in built up areas.

Otherwise, Apps like Ji-Wire Wi-Fi finder can help you locate the nearest hotspot to your current location. There are plenty of similar apps around, most of which work offline so you can use them without an internet connection.  Just make sure you download them before you go abroad so you don’t get stuck!

WiFi Calling and Texting Apps for iPhone

Once you are using Wi-Fi, an app is what you need to make calls and text your friends! Check out some of the best apps for making international calls in order to stay in touch, all the while avoiding those extortionate costs that come with data roaming while abroad.

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Making Free International Calls With iPad

Your iPad can be used as a phone, to quickly make calls over wi-fi or 3G networks. Being able to get in touch with friends and family in other countries is a big plus, but you have to find the right app for it to remain affordable. Here’s a quick list of available apps that allow free calls with iPad Read more

Computer Texting Apps

When your phone battery is dying and you are in the middle of a heated text war, it is nice to be able to take a break from furiously stabbing at tiny buttons and cursing auto-correct. Using a computer texting app can make sending texts easier and you can even continue the conversation from your PC while working on other things - like that report that was due yesterday or homework that the extension runs out on next Monday. Read more

Free Internet Phone Calls – What’s the Catch?

There are not many times in life when you really do get something for nothing. Everyone will be aware of an offer that seems initially to be a fantastic deal, actually turns out to be anything but when you read the fine print. With that in mind, is it possible that you can drastically reduce your call costs, even when calling internationally, by using the technology to make free Internet phone calls? Are these calls really ‘free’? Or is there, like always, a catch? Read more