Save money on international calls with VoIP technology

Save money on international calls with VoIP technology

What is VoIP technology?

Did you know that if you join a quality international call provider today, that you can begin to save money on your international calls thanks to their use of VoIP technology?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and what this essentially means is that instead of the standard way of transmitting a phone call, by converting your voice into electrical pulses, sending them down the telegraph wire, to be reassembled at the other end by your contacts handset, instead, your voice is transmitted using the Internet.

Essentially, the software used by companies like Rebtel translates your voice into a signal which is sent instantaneously over the internet to the recipient.

The upshot of this is that because companies use the Internet to send the message, it is much, much cheaper than transmitting information by traditional means.

How can I make a call using VoIP technology?

There are several ways you can make a phone call using VoIP technology:

1. Using a traditional phone

Simply connect your phone to your computer via an ATA (analogue telephone adapter). This adapter takes the signal from your phone and translates it into a digital signal which can then be sent via the internet by your PC. Many traditional telecom companies are now offering ATA’s to customers to take advantage of VoIP communication.

2. Using smartphones

If you have a smartphone that is Wi-Fi enabled, or able to connect to the internet remotely without the need for a router, then you can use your smartphone for VoIP. Many companies offer free downloads of apps to smartphones to enable users to make these calls easier and to also get the best rates. Most smartphones come bundled with software already installed which allows it to be used for VoIP calls.

3. From PC to PC.

Arguably this is the easiest method of making a VoIP call. Simply by using your internet connection, a microphone and video camera in combination with a piece of free software, such as Skype, means that you can open up the world of VoIP and make international calls for free from your PC. Regardless of the distance of the person you are calling, there is no charge for PC to PC calls, though it is advisable that you have a fast internet connection to handle the data, especially if you are using video calling services.

VoIP has already revolutionised the way businesses communicate over distances. Now, instead of paying for expensive long distance phone calls, many companies are using the advantages of VoIP to set up a constant stream of communication with offices around the globe.

On a more personal level, VoIP is enabling families and friends to stay in touch over the Internet cheaply, easily and effectively. It is the perfect application of a modern technology to ensure that communication remains at the forefront of our thinking.