The Top 3 VoIP Android Apps

The Top 3 VoIP Android Apps

VoIP telecommunications first came to pass prior to the smartphone boom, with their medium being as a web-based service via normal desktop computer.  However, since smartphones and tablets have redesigned the way we live our lives and get things done, they have also become the main hub for communication.  As a result, countless software developers have created a range of VoIP based services to meet the needs of the everyday smartphone user across different operating systems.  Indeed, as Android has shot to prominence over recent years, Apps are as readily available these days in the Google PlayStore (used for Android) as they are for in Apple AppStore (used for iPhones).

Discovering which are the best Android VoIP apps is not an easy task in this congested marketplace, so in this article we take a look at some of the best and give pros and cons for all 3.

3. Fring

Positives: Fring is one of the better known Android VoIP apps and has a host of features which make it an attractive download for the user. It not only offers free calls to other Fring users, but also unlimited live chat (between Fring Users). Another positive is the group video chat option and the ability to connect via 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi from anywhere in the world.

Negatives: Some users have reported that their video camera image is ‘upside down’ on many devices and others have complained about a serious lack of call quality when making paid calls to landlines or other mobile users.

2. Skype

Positives: Skype’s popularity is pretty much omnipresent from OS to OS and for good reason.  The leading VoIP provider in the world continues to provide excellent service both in terms of Audio, Video and Chat as well as a text/SMS service.   Skype also offers caller ID and a voicemail service for its users and is most popular for being able to send instant messages between account holders, as well as video calling from your mobile.

Negatives: The call quality and video quality can be adversely depending on internet connection and prices for calls to normal landlines are not the cheapest among competitors.

1. Rebtel

Positives: Rebtel offer many of the features that their competitors do and is one of the top dogs in the market in terms of call quality. This is thanks to the unique “Keep Talking” function which allows you to continue a call even if you go out of a WiFi or 3G area by using your local minutes. Prices are among the most competitive in the market and an excellent customer services team is readily available to assist users where necessary.

Negatives: The App was previously reported for bugs and crashes but the new releasr

In essence the services offered by most VoIP providers is essentially the same; the ability to make telephone or video calls over the Internet. As such, the real difference between the best and the rest is that they make this interaction easier, cheaper and of a higher quality than others. The three companies highlighted here certainly can boast that and with continual modifications being made to their software and products on offer, VoIP services for Android look likely to be the cheapest way to stay in touch with loved ones for many years to come.