Make money with your phone

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Earn up to $1 000 / week

The world’s best international calling app almost sells itself, so you can just collect the cash.

No investment, no commitment

All you need to get started is a phone. Nothing more and nothing less.

Get paid weekly

Your sales of the week are paid directly to your bank account every Friday.

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Popular questions

How do I apply to become an Activist?

You can apply on this page OR install the Rebtel Activist app and apply from there.

How do I find people to sign up?

The easiest way to start selling Rebtel is by practicing on family, friends and acquaintances. Try exploring your social and community networks (cafes, shops, community meetups, church groups, etc.) to find people to sign up. You can also promote yourself through social networks.

Do I earn real money or calling credits?

Real money, obviously.

What will I earn?

When you sign someone up for Rebtel, you earn a 100% commission on their first 3 purchases. In addition, you can earn weekly bonuses as a way to help you maximize your earnings.

How do I get paid?

Once a week, we’ll transfer your week’s earnings into the bank account you’ve specified in the app’s settings. Payday is always on Wednesday, and the transfer should land in your account by Friday that week.