Rebel Calling

Internet-free calls between Rebtel app users

Rebel Calling

$1/month - Free until 2018

Unlimited calls to 52 countries

F*ck borders - we’re changing the game.
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Call between Rebtel app users

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Internet-free calls

We don’t use internet to connect your calls so they’ll never drop or fail

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We’ve hijacked phone lines all over the world to connect Rebtel app users in the cheapest way possible. With Rebel Calling, you and your friends can make unlimited international calls that connect through local ones — so you don’t need an internet connection to talk.

Available in 52 countries

We’ve liberated international calling by tearing down the borders set up by the telecom industry. With Rebel Calling, you can call unlimited to other Rebtel app users in 52 countries… and more countries are on the way.

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Rebel Calling

Internet-free calls between Rebtel app users


Free until 2018
  • Unlimited calls to Rebtel app users
  • No internet needed
  • Try for free until 2018

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If you have a smartphone, you can also download our iPhone and Android apps to call cheap to your loved ones.