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What is the best way to call Pakistan from the UK?

Did you know that there are around 1.2 million British Pakistani’s living in the UK today? There is an enormous market in the UK for members of the Pakistani population to keep in touch with friends and family back in Pakistan and as such, the number of people calling the country on a regular basis from the UK is high. So let’s take a look at the different with a view to finding the cheapest and most reliable way to call Pakistan (from the UK).

1. Calling Pakistan Direct from a BT Landline

If you think making a call to Pakistan (from the UK) via a BT landline direct is the cheapest option, then think again. BT charges around 28.5p per minute for the call, plus a 12.5p connection fee. It is cheaper to look for a different provider to register with. CheapestCalls offer a 2.55p per minute service to the country (with a 12.5p connection fee) once you are registered. Cheaper still is Rebtel, who offer a landline service to Pakistan for 2.43p per minute with no connection fee.

2. Calling Pakistan direct from a mobile phone

In the modern day and age, mobile phones are ubiquitous and are becoming the preferred way to stay in touch. Many providers offer a mobile service to Pakistan with Call2Abroad offering a top-up service from 5p per minute and TeleTop offering 4.5p per minute with a 5p connection charge. Once again though, Rebtel who are offering low international call rates of 2.43p per minute to Pakistan for mobile calls, with no connection fees, beats these companies.

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3. Calling Pakistan using an international calling card

One of the most popular ways to pre-pay for your calls to Pakistan (from the UK) is using an international calling card. There are many to choose from and they vary considerably in price and quality. £10 credit with First National can get you up to 150 minutes calling time whereas £10 with i Phone can get you up to 410 minutes calling time. However, it is well worth remembering that the amount of call time you received, compared to the advertised rates can be considerably less, due to hidden costs that these calling cards can incur. Alternatively, put £10 on your Rebtel account and you are guaranteed 412 minutes of calling time to Pakistan on your landline or mobile, or even 654 international text messages.

4. Calling Pakistan from your smartphone for Free

You can now download apps onto your Android or iPhone handset to make calls to Pakistan to other registered users of the service you choose, free of charge. There are several available including Viber, Vonage and Rebtel, but the Swedish company are the only ones that offer the Keep Talking facility, which can automatically switch the quality of your call to a different Rebtel service, meaning your call need never be interrupted by a loss of service.

5. Calling Pakistan from your PC

Many people are now opting to call Pakistan for free using their personal computer and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) . Services like Skype are a popular way to make voice and video calls free of call charges. This is fine if your contact has a PC and the Skype service installed on it, but when you need to call mobile phones, or people who do not have a computer with Skype installed, you need to open an account with Skype and you can pay 8.6p per minute for these calls. Rebtel offer the same completely free VoIP service as Skype, but also a maximum call rate of just 2.43 per minute for calls to Pakistan, meaning it is around 71% cheaper than the Skype service.

So however you wish to call Pakistan, the choice is clear, for the best service, however you wish to call, register with Rebtel today.

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