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Cheapest Way to Call to Mexico

Making calls to Mexico (especially certain locations, including Mexico City) can be extremely expensive if you simply call from your land-line and allow your traditional carrier to bill you for international calls at the regular rate. There are dozens of plans for calling Mexico, but many have hidden charges, and reading the fine print is crucial.

The overall monthly cost to call Mexico will depend on several factors, including what part of Mexico you are calling, whether you are calling a landline or mobile, how long the calls last and how often they are made. You should carefully evaluate exactly how your time is spent on calls to Mexico and look over all your options before making a decision.

Pre-Paying for Calls to Mexico With Calling Cards

Many who may not be able to afford a landline or expensive international mobile calling plan, calling cards can allow cheap calls to Mexico and will work from almost any phone - even a pay phone. The rates posted will generally run anywhere from .8 to 4.5 cents per minute, but hidden fees will greatly increase your costs - weekly fees can range from 69-89 cents, plus there is often a per call connection fee which can run up to nearly a dollar per call.

In addition, most calling cards round each call up to the nearest 3-6 minute mark which can quickly run up your costs if you make lots of short calls. If you need to call Mexico City with a calling card, read the fine print - many calling cards charge ten times as much to call there compared to other areas of Mexico.

Home or Mobile Phone Plans for Calls to Mexico

Traditional carriers are still some of the most expensive ways to call Mexico, but for very infrequent calling they may be the most hassle free option. AT&T offers a $3.99 per month mobile plan for US to Mexico phone calls, with a per minute charge of 9 cents a minute; their land-line U-Verse international charges are 5-7 cents per minute for calls to Mexico over and above the regular phone bill. Verizon’s Nationwide Plus Mexico plans range from 20-45 cents per minute, depending on the level of plan purchased.

Using Your Computer to Call Mexico

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) let you use your computer connection to make cheap calls to Mexico. The most popular VoIP option is Skype, which has prepaid plans allowing calls to Mexico for as low as 10.5 cents per minute as well as monthly subscriptions. Google Voice charges 2-15 cents per minute for call to Mexico depending on whether you are calling a landline or mobile and what city you are calling.

Rebtel Offers Extremely Cheap Calls to Mexico

Cheap calls to Mexico can be made using Rebtel, with rates as low as 1.9 cents per minute for most cities, including Mexico City. Rebtel charges no monthly fees or connection fees, and calls made to another Rebtel user can be connected at no charge. expense.

Many people need to call Mexico regularly for business or simply to stay in contact with friends and family members. Being able to make cheap calls to Mexico means your life is easier and you are able to stay in touch without incurring insane phone charges!

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