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Cheapest way to call Nigeria from the UK

If you are based in the United Kingdom and need to find the cheapest way to call Nigeria then what options do you have? Which option offers both an outstanding price and convenience of use for cheap calls to Nigeria, mobile, pre-pay, VoIP services, landline or sim cards?

Key Issue 1: Price

Price is an important issue when you are calling abroad regularly. All too often in the past it was easy to run up a very large bill when calling abroad from the UK. Now though, there are many ways you can call Nigeria from the UK cheaply and affordably from either a landline, or mobile. Let’s look at the different options to call Nigeria from the UK, both from a landline and also from your mobile (using a variety of methods), or when using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services.



Key Issue 2: Convenience

In addition to price, the other key issue for many consumers calling from the UK to Nigeria is convenience.

Yet is it convenient to have to strip down your phone and insert a sim card each time you wish to call a friend or family member in Nigeria? Or is it financially prudent to have to purchase, maintain and insure a second phone simply to call friends? A recent survey revealed that 81% of those who called Nigeria have a second phone purely for this reason!

Is it also ‘easier’ to have to dial an entirely different phone number first before (as you would with services like 0844calls) to gain access to your account before you then ring the number in Nigeria?

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The alternative is to use a service like Rebtel, who you can use either online or on your mobile via their freely downloadable app. Once you have your account set up (and your first call is free), Rebtel will set up a unique number you can use each time you call your family to ensure you get a high quality service, at a low call rate. In terms of convenience, there is no need to change sim or phone, no need to call a long number before you ring home, just immediate, low-cost access at the touch of a button.

The Rebtel app is easy to download for Apple, Android and Windows devices. Once downloaded, the app installs it quickly and easily on the user’s phone and you can then register with the company who take a few details to set up your account. You can then use the app wherever you are to receive Rebtel’s low call rates from the UK to Nigeria and beyond.

So if you are one of the thousands of people who call Nigeria from the UK by using your smartphone and a sim card service, it may well be worthwhile checking out the simpler, quicker, more convenient and cheaper service offered by Rebtel!

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