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Nigeria - 160 mins

Call 160 minutes to any number in Nigeria, both landline and mobile


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World Credits

83 minutes to mobiles

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  • Call Mobiles 12.0¢/min
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VAT applies to EU residents. No connection fees. One minute rounding. Premium and special rate numbers not included.

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Choose Rebtel to call Nigeria today and start making savings on big telco company rates. For only 12.0¢/min to start, our plans are flexible and tailored around your needs. And because we’ve hijacked the lines to Nigeria, you can enjoy the high quality of real phone lines, without annoyingly bad reception of 3G connections.

Our plans to Nigeria mean you can call relatives and friends for a fixed price of 12.0¢/min. This peace of mind means you can plan your finances, feel confident that our rates provide excellent value and get calls that never drops.

Our credit rates

When you call using World Credits you can expect to use these rates for different services in your country.

Please note that a flat rate applies for a Unlimited deal.

Service Price $10 gets you
Fixed 12.0¢/min 83 min
Mobile 12.0¢/min 83 min

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