The International
Calling Guide

International Calling Options Available in the US

If you do a lot of international calling, chances are you need to shop around a little to find the best possible international calling options in your area. You can choose from several basic options:

Direct calling from your landline or mobile. This is a fine option if you don’t do very much calling or you have a certain number of international calling minutes free that fulfill your needs each month. For example, many companies now offer long distance minutes for free that include calling internationally to Canada or Mexico. However, if you need to call countries overseas, the per minute charges may quickly add up.

International calling plans from major carriers. Most home and mobile service phone carriers have an international calling plan. For a few dollars a month, you gain access to international calling rates that still vary from country to country but which are much cheaper then just dialing direct with no plan in place. For calling from landline and mobiles to landline or mobiles direct or with an international calling plan using your regular carrier, you just dial your country’s exit code, the country code for the country you are calling, the area code, then the number.

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Calling cards. If you make one or two lengthy calls every once in a while, a calling card can eliminate the hassle of dealing with an extra phone bill. However, many credit cards have hidden fees and charges which can make a reasonable rate much higher than promised - for example, the card may round up minutes in large increments, have connection or termination charges, or even ding you for weekly or monthly fees. Calling cards make you enter a calling card code plus a pin before dialing the international call. 

International calling services with VoIP. A VoIP calling option can turn your PC into a phone. Services like Skype, Google Talk and Rebtel have low international calling rates to make international calls easy and inexpensive. In some cases (like with Rebtel), if the party you are calling has the same service, you can call them for free.

International calling apps. The same VoIP services listed above also have apps you can use on your mobile device, including iPhone and iPad, Windows Phone, and Android phones and tablets. The Rebtel app makes international calling extremely easy as you can have a local number assigned to your overseas friends and family, and then dial directly from your contacts list instead of having to type in each number individually.

Rebtel is the cheapest and easiest to use option for making international calls. You can download the app for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Windows phone or other Smartphones. Rebtel’s local number calling option provides savings over standard international rates by up to 90%, and unlike many other services you can call directly from your in-phone contact list.

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