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Calling Guide

How to make a free call with Rebtel

Did you know that if you are a Rebtel customer in one of 51 designated countries then you can make phone calls absolutely free of charge, internationally?

It sounds too good to be true, but with Rebtel, as always, we are not satisfied in bringing our customers the lowest rates, but to actually make calling loved ones free wherever possible! There is a little procedure to follow to allow you to call a friend or family for free and the details are listed below!

What will I need?

In order to make a totally free international call with Rebtel you will need:

- A Rebtel account, with a contact in place who Rebtel have already provided you a unique number for.

- You and your friend to be on a mobile phone deal with a provider that offers you a certain amount of free minutes each month

- Both you and your contact to be resident in one of the 51 Rebtel networked countries.

If you and your contacts both fulfil these criteria then you should both have absolutely no problems in making a free call between your countries, enabling you to stay in touch cheaper, for longer!

How do I make a free call?

Making a free call with Rebtel, provided you have met the criteria listed above is simple!

1. Call your friend on the local number provided by Rebtel, as soon as they pick up the phone, tell them to hang up their phone within 10 seconds.

2. When your friend hangs up within the 10 seconds, you remain on the line.

3. Your friend then dials the same local number you have just dialled from his phone.

4. After a short sound, you will both be connected to the local rate line, only now you are both paying just the local rate for the call; the international part of the call with Rebtel is now FREE!

5. If the contract you have with your phone provider includes free minutes each month, and you have not already used them, this means that you do not need to pay anything for the local part of the call either, meaning that this phone call is absolutely free!

It is worth noting here that if part of your mobile contract does not include a set number of free minutes each month as part of your payment plan, then both you and your contact will have to pay for the local part of the call. Regardless of that, the international part of the call (which is often by far the most expensive) will still be completely FREE!

So, it is easy to see that with Rebtel, making a free call is entirely possible for both you and your friend or family. Further proof, if it were needed, that Rebtel are only happy when they are providing the highest quality and cheapest possible international call service to all their customers, all over the globe!

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