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Selecting the best free calls app for your Android or iPhone

Did you know that many people are enjoying free phone calls and text messages to their loved ones via Android and iPhone smartphones, using one of a variety of free calls apps? Strange as it may seem to someone with a contract mobile, it is still possible to get free calls and texts to your contacts who share the same apps as you. In this article, we examine which apps are available for download for the most popular smartphones, how they work and which is the best service for those seeking to take advantage of these exciting new apps.

How do the apps work?

The apps for free calls work by utilising the latest VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology to send telecommunications and video over the internet, rather than using expensive undersea cables or satellite technology. Because this technology is free to use, it means companies can offer free calls provided that both the caller and the person answering, use the same technology.

Use your smartphone or computer.
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Connecting to the Internet is achieved from a smartphone either using WiFi, such as your home wireless internet connection, or a wireless internet hotspot, or for greater convenience 3G, which allows you to access the Internet anywhere in the world, provided your device has a mobile signal.

What free calling apps are available?

There are many apps for free calls available some of the more popularly used ones are listed below:

Viber (iPhone & Android) – Originally an iPhone only app, Viber was ported over to Android a few months after release. One of its best features is that it scans your contact list for other Viber users to set up an immediate contact for them. It does have to be noted though that an update on 29th November 2011 does seem to be causing issues for iPhone users at present. (3G & WiFi supported)

Yahoo! Messenger (iPhone & Android) – Although not as popular in America and Europe, Yahoo! Messenger enjoys greater popularity in Asia. As well as calls to video, Yahoo! Messenger also offers free calls to video too and allows you to share files and photo’s in real time. (3G & WiFi supported)

Skype (Android, iPhone) – Skype is the name that has become synonymous with free international calling. Now available as a download for Android devices. Calling other users with Skype enabled on their phones, or even their PC’s is simple and the app allows you to make video calls and add your contacts so you can send them free text messages too. (3G & WiFi supported)

What is the best free call app for Android and iPhone?

So what is the best choice when considering apps for free calls? Rebtel offer arguably the best service. They have freely downloadable apps for iPhone and Android and offer support for both 3G and WiFi. Calling another Rebtel account holder from your iPhone or Android device is completely free, you do not require another contacts book for your Rebtel numbers, you can just use your existing set of numbers and Rebtel’s innovative software ensures that you connect your call in the best way possible, either via 3G, WiFi or a local access number.

However, what marks the Rebtel service above the others is its pioneering Keep Talking facility. With other call providers, if you are speaking on the move and you move out of the vicinity of a WiFi area or your 3G connection fails, you will lose your connection with your contact. Keep Talking however uses the latest Rebtel technology to identify this is happening and automatically re-routes your call via a stronger connection. An quality indicator bar will let you know how strong the signal is and the app will prompt you if you need to change how you are calling your contact to stay in contact. A simple but brilliant addition to the Rebtel app that makes staying connected so much easier.

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