From Tianguis to Mall: Cultural Differences Between Mexico and the United States

We want to give a voice to the people who make us Rebtel: our customers! We love to share their stories and the experiences they've had in discovering new cultures, new countries, and new ways of living. We’ll also talk about the challenges and opportunities they've faced in staying connected with their families and friends.

Let's start by sharing the story of Santiago, a 31-year-old graphic designer who moved from Mexico City to New York in 2019.

"After completing my master's degree, I was offered a job at a design company in Brooklyn, and I immediately accepted it. Honestly, I didn't give much thought to cultural differences at the time, as I had visited the United States as a tourist, and in Mexico, we tend to think we know what 'gringos' are like. But now, I do wish I had taken a crash course in American culture.

The biggest shockers

Personal Space 

In Mexico, we are very affectionate, with greetings that involve hugging and kissing. On my first day at work, I patted the guys on the back and kissed the girls on the cheek, as we do in Mexico. However, with the exception of a Colombian girl, everyone stepped back and looked at me quite uncomfortably. That's when I realized that this kind of greeting is usually reserved for close friends here.

Cultural Stereotypes

Many people here in the US, with some exceptions, have stereotypical views about Mexicans, often based on stories of drug trafficking, illegal migration, or think of us as a tropical paradise, especially after a visit to Cancún. So, when I shared my story - growing up in Mexico City, attending good universities, and arriving here with a visa - they began to change their opinions. I believe this transformation of prejudices is one of the most beautiful aspects of cultural exchange.


The portion sizes here took me by surprise, and I gained 3 kilograms in a month by eating what people around me did. Personally, I loved cooking in Mexico, going to tianguis, the local markets to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, and then preparing meals for the week. Here, on the other hand, people often go to the mall to buy food at massive supermarkets, and cooking at home is less common. I once was invited to a friend's house to bake cookies ‘from scratch’, but in reality, they had bought pre-made cookie dough that only needed to be baked in the oven.

Social Life

In Mexico, I would say that social life, friends, and family are at the core of everything. We always find time for improvised dinners, to grab a few beers, or 'chelas' as we call them, and do things together.

Here, on the other hand, people are friendly but seem to focus a lot on work and their daily routines, often making plans for two weeks down the line. Initially, I had some difficulties with this, but later on, I discovered the advantages of having a more structured routine.

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