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Your money is safe with us thanks to our up-to-date security standards. Also, our operations specialists are there to help you out in case you need it.

Low Fees

We keep rates low because we don’t believe you should pay extra for the money you are sending.

Quick and easy.

Bridging the distance: with Rebtel, send money to more than 120+ countries across the globe.

The world can sometimes feel too big. But so is our coverage network.

We’ve partnered up with Ria, one of the largest money transfer services in the world.

Today, we offer money transfers to more than 120 countries. And counting. This also gives us access to 490,000+ locations where your beloved ones can retrieve their money in cash. With a maximum of 999 USD per day, you can send money to Nigeria, India, Mexico, Venezuela, Kenya and many more countries in a matter of minutes!

How It Works

Distance can be tricky. We’ve cut it down to just a few clicks.

We know it’s important that your money reaches those you care about the most quickly, wherever they are. That's why we keep it safe and simple. We think sending money should not be rocket science. That’s why we’ve simplified the steps you need to follow. It’s as easy as this:

#1 Transfer Details

Select an Amount

You can send between $10 and $999 per transfer

#2 Your Details

Add Your Details

Fill in your name and payment details. You only need to do this once!

#3 Receiver's Details

Add the Recipient's Details

Fill in your contact's bank account information so we know where to send the money (*The great thing is that these are saved for later, so you don’t have to re-enter them).

#4 Send and Track


You're all set! Track your transfer in the app, and get a notification when the money is delivered.


You’re in good company! More than a million people use Rebtel every month.

We know it’s your hard-earned money. We’re committed to offering low fees, and give you the best experience. On top of that, we offer some of the best exchange rates out there - because that’s the way it should be!

Join over a million satisfied customers!
Feedback from our customers


Great Exchange Rate: I got an email from Rebtel of money transfer, I first checked the exchange rate and I was like this couldn’t be true. I immediately did $10 test transfer to a recipient in Africa and was told in 5mins transactions would be completed and within time it was so. I think by far it has the best rates. I will use them again.

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Simon Jingbe

EXCELLENT SERVICE: The fact that I was able to send money with no difficulty and without any charges for the first time, I consider this company great! Apart from this experience of sending money abroad, I have been using Rebtel for over a year for my international calls, which I find cheaper than other services. You are doing a good job; I hope it will continue this way.

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Shobi Vatsan

Trustable and quality assurance: I have been a Rebtel user for around 6 years now, never a disappointment in any of the services, I trust them a lot. Let it be money transfer or international calls. Their customer service and support are outstanding, they keep us posted every single step of the way, they respond to queries so fast. I am really proud of how they are maintaining their reputation and quality until now. Always will recommend Rebtel to my friends and family more than google talk or any other app.

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Send an international money transfer

You choose the way your loved ones receive your money.

We know not everyone has a bank account. With Rebtel, you can choose a payout way that best suits the needs of your family. We offer:

- Bank transfer

- Mobile wallet

- Cash pick-up

How It Works

Cash Pickup

With over 490,000 partner locations, cash pickup is a great option. You can find the right location to pick up your money by using the "Find a Location" tool found below.

The recipients can find the right location to pick up their money by using:

- Government-issued photo ID


- Correct payout location

You will need to supply them with the PIN code that is indicated in your receipt. The recipient needs to be at least 18 years old to pick up a transfer.


So that every cent gets where it should.

Thanks to our partnership with Ria and our up-to-date security standards, your money is safe with us. Keep in mind though not to share your bank account information outside of the app and that the recipient should be a person you trust. We’ll take care of the rest.

Your loved ones can receive money how they want

Quick FAQs about sending money

Does Rebtel do personal checks and if so, what do I need for them?

If cash pickups are location based how else can the receiver get their money?

Can I transfer money on credit?

How long does my transaction take to reach their account?

Do I deposit money into my app?

Are rates subject to change?

Where can I send money to?

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Why pay more to support the people you love back home? Transfer money with low fees and excellent exchange rates.

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