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Introducing Prepaid Plans

What are Prepaid Plans?

Prepaid Plans are a way to buy mobile connection packages for your family and friends in India, or even yourself! The Plans are sent through all country operators (Jio, Airtel, Vi, BSNL) and are received instantly so that they can be used to make calls, send text messages (SMS), surf online and more!


No hidden fees

How do you feel when you think you are paying a price and at the end of the purchase it suddenly goes up? You sure hate it. That is why we do not charge you any commission when you send prepaid plans to your family and friends in India. With Rebtel, you pay only for what you send, so you don't get any unpleasant surprises when you pay. This is how all transactions should be!

How to send Prepaid Plans with Rebtel

How to send Prepaid Plans to India

1. Enter the number you want to send a Plan to

2. Select the product you want to send

3. Press "Next"

4. Create a Rebtel account if you don't already have one

5. Plan sent!

Remember that you can also send prepaid plans through your mobile app. Download the app today!

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