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Fast, easy and efficient with no hidden fees!

Why Rebtel

No hidden fees

With Rebtel you always know what you pay

Only pay for what they get

Your family and friends will receive every last cent

Quick and easy

Sending mobile recharge with Rebtel is quick and easy—totally no stress. Enter a phone number, choose the amount and voila!

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The best quality service ever. Am glad i found you. Thank you so much!!

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Speedy service and quality of service, plus affordability.

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Outstanding service and easy to use.

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Fast, easy and efficient with no hidden fees!

Mobile Recharge With Rebtel

Staying connected means making sure you've got airtime and, sometimes, sending airtime to friends, family or other connections. If you're looking to instantly recharge online or to send an airtime top-up to India, Rebtel can help you do it.

It does not matter which Vi recharge plans you prefer, you can pick the amount you want to send to any Vi prepaid number and if you'd like them to make unlimited calls or use a quick recharge in an emergency.

You have got options to meet every scenario with the best Vi recharge plans right at your fingertips with Rebtel.

Stay connected

A love story, from your SIM to theirs

Staying connected to the people we care about, especially when we're away from home, means we need to be able to send Vi mobile recharge online as Vodafone is one of the leading service providers in India.


Online recharge you can feel good about

Rebtel is connected to phone service providers all over the world so you know you have a trusted provider making it easier for you to send a prepaid recharge back home.

From Mumbai to Goa and beyond, your online mobile recharge can instantly connect you to friends and family.

Quick Vodafone balance updates

Sending airtime has never been faster

Sending airtime has never been faster than it is with Rebtel. Top up their phone instantly so they can access their talk time, SMS, or text you right away using a messaging application.

They can even use their data to get TV classic access and use other services on the web. It only takes a few simple steps to get started and all online mobile recharge is instant.

Top up their Vodafone account

Recharging their Vodafone account in seconds!

All you need to top up someone else's airtime is their mobile phone number. Top up mobiles on your Rebtel app for quick recharges or do it directly from your computer or phone with online mobile recharge.

This is the perfect way to help out a friend in an emergency or make sure they stay connected on the go.

Got questions? Let's answer them together.

How does data top up work?

How do they check their recharge VI balance?

How long does it take for them to get their airtime or data credit?

Can someone help if I get stuck with a Rebtel Vi prepaid recharge online?

What Vi recharge offers and prepaid plans can I access and send?

Do my friends and family need to have the Rebtel app to get airtime?

Which countries can I send airtime to with no commission?

What other options do I have to connect friends and family?

How long is the service validity with Rebtel?

How do I know that Rebtel works?

Trying to send airtime to no avail?

Send airtime to India with Rebtel

Why wait? Give it a try now and see how easy it is for yourself. Get started with Rebtel Vi Recharge. You can also download the Rebtel app so you only have to enter your details once and can save them for future use. The app also enables you to do other tasks on the go providing money transfer and cheap international calls from your mobile. The app is safe and reliable with no hidden fees, and it's the perfect way to stay connected.

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