Send Recharges to Mexico

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All fees are on us. Because we simply think that you shouldn't pay a single cent extra on your recharges.

Fixed Prices

Our goal is to be completely transparent when it comes to pricing. That's why you can always count on fixed prices for our plans each month.

Cancel anytime

Unlike with most mobile operators, you can deactivate Rebtel plans whenever you want! Without any extra cost.


The Best Deals. Every month

Rebtel Mobile Plans are tailored-made bundles with calling minutes, data, and SMS for your chosen number in Mexico. Once you’ve chosen one of our amazing offers, the plans will renew automatically every 30 days and always at a fixed price! And another great feature is that, unlike traditional plans, you can cancel our plans whenever you want and without extra costs!

Get your first month for only 5 USD!


Minutes, data, SMS. Whenever you need it

In case you are looking for something more than calling credits, such as unlimited calls and data or SMS, our bundles are the best solution for you: choose between a wide range of offers for all Mexican operators!


Only want to talk? We have the option for you

If you just prefer to send calling credits to Mexico, we’ve found the best offers out there for you. For example, send credits to any Telcel number in Mexico at an amazing rate of 5 USD=103.85 MXN! And, so that you never have to think about it again, you can send your recharges automatically, by activating the Auto Top-Up option!

Download the app

Call with or without internet and send mobile top ups without fees by downloading the Rebtel app.

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