How to Use Your tablet as a Phone

How to Use Your tablet as a Phone

The modern day tablet is bursting with functionality.  Yet many of us stay glued to our smartphones at all times, to the point where weak battery life means that carrying around a charger and plugging in at the nearest electrical point is no longer considered an oddity!  But those of you out there with tablets have another option….

Sometimes it can feel like you’re carrying around a multitude of devices and juggling them all gets a little tiresome. You’ve got your phone for making calls and getting a quick-fix of social media, plus your tablet for game playing, movie watching and reading. But what about using your tablet as a phone? It would certainly lesson the number of valuables you carry upon your person while the extra battery life and larger screens provide for greater convenience, not to mention cutting down on the costs of a dual sim-card.

How to Make a Phone Call from a tablet

Your tablet may seem like a clunky device to use for making calls, but it can be the perfect solution based on its functionality and enlarged visuals, especially enhanced if you are looking for a video feed to add to the audio. All you need is the right app to stay in contact with your colleagues. There are several choices available:

  Skype. Skype was originally developed to allow people to make calls from their desktop computers. Apps were quickly developed to allow the application to run on mobile phones as well. You can sign up for Skype and easily download the app onto your tablet. The Skype app works over Wi-Fi or 3G (operator data charges may apply).  You can then call anyone else with Skype installed on their device without Skype charging you extra, or you can sign up for a monthly subscription or credits to make cheap calls to landlines or mobiles from your tablet.

  Viber. This app is also designed to allow calls and texts over a 3G or Wi-Fi connection using your tablet. Like Skype, calls are free to other Viber users. Viber synchs with your mobile phone number and contact list to instantly show who already has Viber, so making calls with your tablet is easy. Be aware that network charges may apply.

  Icall. Of course, Apple has an official app for making phone calls from iPad. It’s not free, but it only costs 99 cents for the app which is otherwise ad-supported for USA & Canadian calling. Icall also features paid plans and premium features if desired, at additional costs.

  Rebtel. This app is probably the best for making phone calls  because it was specifically designed for use with the bigger tablet (as opposed to being a mobile app transferred to the multifunctional iPad.) With Rebtel you get optimised navigation for both portrait and landscape view, and calls flow effortlessly between WiFi and 3G. Not only does your iPhone address book integrate seamlessly, but you can chat with any other Rebtel equipped device free - including Android phones and tablets, iPhones and Windows devices

Upgrade your tablet to make it a multi-functioning phone as well.  By simply installing the right app you can stay in touch with loved-ones anytime, anywhere.