Make free calls without Wifi with Rebtel

Free calls are available from your first call if you call with Rebel Calling, perfect for app-to-app calling. You can also create a local number from your mobile or from a landline number. Find out how. 

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Top Free Calling Apps for Android

If you own an Android phone, tablet or other device, having free calling apps for Android to any phone number can be a huge plus. With confusing and expensive mobile plans and long term contracts everywhere you turn, having a cost effective way to use your Android phone or tablet for local, long distance and even international calls can save you money and frustration.  Read more

How to make free calls to India from the UK

If you are based in the UK and regularly make calls to India, you’ll be aware that keeping in touch with friends and family can prove to be expensive. Fortunately, the advent of digital and Voice over Internet Protocol technology (VoIP) has meant that forward-thinking communications companies have realised that there is now a way their customers can call India free from UK based landlines and mobiles. Read more

Want to call Africa for free? VOIP is the answer!

How would you like to be able to call a friend in Africa, and never have to pay a penny for your call to either your landline or mobile or smartphone network provider? If this sounds too good to be true and that this could save you a fortune, then you need to learn a little about the fantastic opportunities that are now available thanks to VoIP services.

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Free Calls Between Mobile Phones

Free calls between mobile phones isn’t a fantasy anymore - while the trend of offering free calls for a limited circle of friends started years ago and has slowly grown, most networks were very limited in what numbers qualified. Read more

Free Calls

Everyone loves a good deal – but it’s even better when things are free. We’ll make sure you know the latest steals on the market, so you can save money and make free international calls.