AT&T Calling Cards - Are They the Best Option?

AT&T Calling Cards - Are They the Best Option?

As a current or potential customer, using an AT&T calling card may seem like a natural consequence of your international calling needs. However there are many available options when it comes to choosing a card and charges will vary depending on where you call the most, so being armed with a little knowledge can help you make savings and avoid some of the potential frustration involved in hidden costs.

AT&T Calling Cards

- The Call ATT calling card is the basic calling card offered by AT&T. There is no charge for the card; AT&T will send you one on request that is associated with your existing AT&T account. To use your card, dial 1 800 CALL ATT, and press [1] for calling card calls. Then dial the area code and number you wish to reach, and enter your calling card number and PIN. Be sure to check current rates before making lengthy calls as they do fluctuate fairly regularly.

- The One Rate Calling plan can be attached to the Call AT&T calling card for $1.95 a month. You can call anywhere in the US, Canada or Northern Mexico for 30 cents per minute. For other countries, international calling rates apply which can range from 30 cents to $4.00 a minute.

Prepaid AT&T international calling is also an option, and is cheaper in the long run if you make regular calls. You can pay in $30 or $50 increments and get rates as low as 5 cents per minute to France or China, 10 cents a minute to Costa Rica or 30 cents a minute to Ghana. You have a PIN, but can select your five most dialed international numbers to register with AT&T for PINless dialing anytime.


AT&T vs. Traditional Calling Cards

With an AT&T calling card, international calling is easier and cheaper than with a regular calling card.  Simply put, calling cards from the seemingly endless strain of faceless companies out there often have hidden fees, like rounding-up minutes, connection charges and reloading fees. Subsequently they are never as cheap as they seem.

With AT&T’s handy registration option, you can also dial your five most used numbers quickly, without having to dial the card company first and enter your card number and code.  A better solution, no doubt.

Alternatives to Calling Cards for International Calling

Smartphone and tablet users really should check out their options for a VoIP service when looking to make cheap international calls as the market options are plentiful with great services and huge savings to be had.

Skype allows you to make international calls with Skype credit starting at 2.3 cents per minute to France, 6.9 cents per minute to Costa Rica, and 29 cents per minute for calls to Ghana.

Rebtel has even lower rates, and can be set up with local numbers assigned to each international contact for easy dialing at the cost of a local call! They also have a really transparent and easy to use service with a help team on their support desk to assist with any queries.

So while using an AT&T calling card for international calling may seem like the best way to do things (especially if you already use AT&T as your main home or wireless phone carrier), a calling app like Rebtel could save you hundreds of dollars per year on international calls, as well as maintaining that premium call quality that helps you stay in touch with loved ones abroad.